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This site is the property of Judy C. Ware – the author of New Nation/New Home and also Virginia Roots in Kentucky Soil.  It specifically deals with the descendants of James Ware I and his wife, Agnes Todd Ware who settled in Gloucester County, Virginia in the 1700’s.  This particular branch of the Ware tree has found its roots in Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Texas, but generations have ultimately spread all over the map.  The work on this site is copyrighted but happily available for all family researchers and genealogists – with the simple request that proper accreditation be given when using it as a source.


Complete Lineage of the Ware Name to the Present Generation


The Ware Family Bible

The Biography of James Ware I
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     Table of Contents
     Chapter 1 - Change is in the Air

     Chapter 2 - "By Favor of God"
     Chapter 3 - James and Agnes ~ The Early Years
     Chapter 4 - Son - John
     Chapter 5 - Son - Nicholas
     Chapter 6 - Son - James
     Chapter 7 - Son - Richard & Daughter - Clary
     Chapter 8 - Son - William
     Chapter 9 - Son - Edmund
     Chapter 10 - Changing Times for James & Agnes
     Chapter 11 - To Whom Much Is Given, Much Shall Be Required Luke 12:4
     Chapter 12 - The Only Thing That Lasts
     Addendum - The Invisible Tie That Binds

The History of Dr. James Ware II & His Wife, Virginia Catherine Todd Ware

     Chapter 1 - Beginning with James Ware I
     Chapter 2 - Early Years of James Ware II
     Chapter 3 - The Call of Kentucky
     Chapter 4 - The Journey West
     Chapter 5 - Son, Thompson Ware
     Chapter 6 - Son, James Ware III
     Chapter 7 - Daughter, Mary (Polly) Todd Ware

     Chapter 8 - Daughter, Lucy C. Ware
     Chapter 9 - Son, Charles Ware
     Chapter 10 - Daughter, Catherine Ware
     Chapter 11 - Son, George Ware
     Chapter 12 - Location, Location, Location
     Chapter 13 - Becoming "Kentuckian"
     Chapter 14 - A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit
     Chapter 15 - Letters and Bible Pages

Transcription of 1812 Letter from James Ware II to James Ware III

Transcription of 1819 Letter from Catherine Conn to Sally Ware (Josiah's sister)

Transcription of 1825 Letter from Thompson Ware to Sally Ware

Transcription of Lucy Webb letter to Sally Ware Stribling - circa 1828

Transcription of 1831 Letter from Charles Ware to Sally Ware Stribling

Josiah William Ware - Brief Overview

Transcription of 1831 Letter to Sally Ware (Josiah's sister) from Charles Ware

Transcription of 1833 Letter to Josiah Ware from T. S. Davison (coming soon)

A Map of Ware-Related Houses in Virginia

Ware Connection to Grace Episcopal Church
     Part 1 - Early Years

     Part 2 - Josiah William Ware and his first wife, Francis
     Part 3 - James Alexander, John Glassell and Charles Alexander Ware
     Part 4 - Elizabeth Alexander Ware (Britton) (McGuire)

     Part 5 - Lucy Balmain Ware (Lewis) and Connection to Washington Family
     Part 6 - Josiah William Ware and his 2nd wife, Edmonia
     Part 7 - Jaqueline Smith Ware
     Part 8 - Sigismund Stribling Ware
     Part 9 - Reverend Josiah W. Ware
     Part 10 - Robert Macky Ware
     Part 11 - Edmonia Jaquelin Smith Ware
     Part 12 - Final Thoughts and References

Connection Between the Wares and Presidents James Madison and Zachary Taylor
PLUS President James Monroe and Governors J. J. Crittenden and John Adair

The research in the following 3 sections will show how the families of Taylor, Bacon, Crittenden, Monroe, Lewis, Blackburn, and Berry all connect to the Ware line -  mainly through William Ware and James Ware II – both sons of James and Agnes.
     1 Introduction and
Taylor, Monroe, Lewis, Blackburn & Berry
     2 Taylor, Berry, Blackburn, Bacon, Crittenden, Monroe, Adair and WARELAND

3 Laura Ware Bacon Crittenden

Ware Connections to General George S. Patton

Springfield Farm

Springfield - Before and After the Firee

Josiah's Diary

Biography of Frances Toy Glassell Ware, first wife of Josiah William Ware

Biography of Edmonia Jaquelin Smith, second wife of Josiah William Ware (coming soon)

Inspired by the letters of Cornelia Ware Anker

Josiah Ware's Connection With Top Political & Military Figures of His Time

     President John Tyler
          a. Background information
Letter from the White House, December 21, 1842

          c. Letter from the White House, December 28, 1844
          d. Introductory letter from President Tyler, December 7, 1844
          e. President Tyler visits Springfield

     President Zachary Taylor
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from President Taylor dated 1850

     Senator & Secretary of State Henry Clay
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Henry Clay dated 1836

     Senator & Secretary of State Daniel Webster
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Daniel Webster to Josiah Ware dated 1840

          c. Letter from Daniel Webster to Josiah Ware dated 1848

     Senator & Attorney General John J. Crittendon
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from J. J. Crittenden to Josiah Ware dated July 8, 1838

     Senator & Secretary of State, John C. Calhoun
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from Senator John Calhoun to Josiah Ware in 1836

     Confederate General Robert E. Lee
          a. Information on the Connection Between the Lee & Ware Families
          b. Letter from Robert E. Lee to Josiah Ware dated 1861
          c. Letter from Robert E. Lee to Josiah Ware dated 1862

     Senator William C. Rives
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from Senator W.C. Rives to Josiah Ware, Nov 1838

     Senator Benjamin Watkins Leigh
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from B.W. Leigh, Oct 9, 1836
          c. Letter from B.W. Leigh, April 1, 1839

     Senator William R. King
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Senator William R King, April 1, 1842
          c. Companion Letter (i.e. April 1, 1842) from Mrs. Byron
          d. Letter from Senator William R. King, 1838

     Secretary of the Navy William C. Preston
          a. Background Information
          b. Letter from Senator Preston to Josiah, dated 1839

     Governor of Virginia & Senator James Pleasants Jr.
          a. Background information
          b. 1824 Commissioning paper for Josiah Ware

     Congressman John Bell
          a. Background information
          b. 1824 Commissioning Oath

     Governor of Virginia Henry Wise
          a. Background information
          b. Letter from Henry Wise Feb. 18, 1860
          c. Commissioning Papers for Josiah for the Rank of Colonel
              (plus affidavit for oaths taken before Chief Justice Francis McCormick) 

     Union Cavalry Col. A.T. McReynolds & Lt. James H. Stevenson
          a. Safeguard letter, May 30, 1863, with quotes from Stevenson's book
              about Josiah

          b. Safeguard pass, May 31, 1863
          c. Safeguard pass, April 6, 1863
          d. Long letter, April 6, 1863 that accompanied the above safeguard


     Union Maj. General Nathaniel Banks

          a. Background information on Gen. N.P. Banks
          b. Letter from Major General Nathaniel Banks June 25, 1862
          c. Claims letter to Justice of the Peace Henry Edwards

     Captain Samuel M. Zulick

          a. Compensation letter (not dated)

     Notarized Letter from Josiah Ware 1865 Concerning

     Confederate General John D. Imboden

          a. Background information on General Imboden
          b. Letter (1859) from John D. Imboden

Confederate General William H. Richardson

     Union Captain J.C. Battersby
     Confederate Captain E.G. Alburtis
     Union Lt. Col. Thomas C. McDowell
     Notary Public C.J. Brown, 1874
     Democratic Politician Henry Ware

          a. Background information on Henry Ware
          b. Letter from Henry Ware to Mrs. Hayes

     Democrat George N. Miller

          a. Background Information on George N. Miller
          b. Letter from Miller to Josiah Ware in 1880

Plantation Owner James T. E. Fripp

     Reverend Henderson Suter
     Union Officer Lt. Jesse Wyckoff

Correspondence Between President & Mrs. Hayes and the Ware Family (Lucy Ware Webb Hayes) - Cousin of Josiah Ware (coming soon)

Josiah Ware's Military Records and Service (coming soon)

Virginia Battlefield Information

Letter from Edmonia Ware to her stepdaughter

Josiah's 1863 Letter to His Son

Josiah's 2nd Civil War Letter to His Son

Josiah Arrest and Imprisonment During the Civil War (coming soon)

Biography of Judge (Col.) James Alexander Ware, oldest son of Josiah William Ware and Frances Toy Glassell Ware (coming soon)

Biography of Lucy Balmain Ware Lewis, youngest Daughter of Josiah William Ware and Frances Toy Glassell Ware (coming soon)

Biography of Dr. Charles Alexander Ware, youngest son of Josiah William Ware and Frances Toy Glassell Ware

The Ware Connection to George & Martha Washington
     (coming down from James Alexander Ware and Lucy Balmain Ware)
     Brief History of Lucy Balmain Ware and Edward Parke Custis Lewis
     (coming soon)

     Washington Sugar Bowl Donated to Mount Vernon
     The Sugar Bowl is Home at Last
     Lucy Ware Lewis McCormick (coming soon)
Last Will & Testament of Lucy Ware McCormick

     Josiah Ware's Writings Concerning Washington
          a. Letter to Pres. Hayes 8/14/1879 (Continental money, boots, Fairfax
Washington letter, autographs)
Letter to Pres. Hayes 11/20/1879 (Continental money, boots, screen)

Letter to Lucy Hayes 2/8/1880 (Continental money)
          d. Letter to Lucy Hayes 1/12/1882 (Martha Washington's dress)
              Note Concerning George Washington's Death

Biography of Jaquelin Smith Ware, oldest son of Josiah and Edmonia Ware (coming soon)

Biography of Rev. Josiah William Ware II, son of Josiah and Edmonia Ware (coming soon)

Biography of Sigismund Stribling Ware, son of Josiah and Edmonia Ware

Biography of Robert Macky Ware, youngest child of Josiah and Edmonia Ware (coming soon)

Judge James Alexander Ware - the Ware Branch in Texas (coming soon)

Biography of Jane Morton Smith Ware - Wife of James Alexander Ware (coming soon)

Basic Lineage:
     James Ware I
James Ware II and Virginia Catherine Todd Ware

     James Ware III
     Josiah William Ware

     James Alexander Ware (coming soon)
     Jane Morton Smith Ware (coming soon)
     Somerville Ware (coming soon)
     Ora Lena Rogers Ware (coming soon)

Jim and Judy Ware


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