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Governor J. J. Crittenden and Governor John Adair
Part 1



along with Monroe, Lewis, Blackburn & Berry lines

By Judy C. Ware © 2015


The research below shows the connection between the Ware family and the families of Bacon, Crittenden, Monroe, Lewis, Blackburn, and Berry.

All these family members were connected either by blood or marriage and can bring their roots directly back to James Ware and Agnes Todd Ware.  It has been important to understand these links in order to tie in family letters and documents that belonged to the older Wares and have been passed on to this generation.  It is my hope that this research will help others in their search for their own family roots.

Judy C. Ware  2015


This shows the Ware connection to President Zachary Taylor, President James Madison, Governor J. J. Crittenden



Col. James Taylor II (James, John, Thomas, Thomas, Rowland, John) born March 14, 1674 at King & Queen Co., Virginia  married Martha Thompson on February 23, 1699 at St. Peter's Parish, King and Queen Co., Virginia.  He died on June 26, 1729 in Orange Co., Virginia at age 55.   He was the ancestor of two Presidents, Zachary Taylor and James Madison.   “Col. James Taylor who married Martha Thompson entered large bodies of land, about 15,000 acres, in what is now Orange County about the year 1720-22.”  (Ref. 2374)

The 4 children (in bold color print) of Col. James Taylor are the focus of this piece, but the following is a list of all his children. 


1.  Frances Thompson Taylor, born August 30, 1700 in King & Queen Co., Virginia.  Married Ambrose Madison.

2.  James Taylor III, born March 30, 1703 in Orange Co., Virginia.  Wed Alice Thornton; also Elizabeth McGrath.

3.  Martha Taylor, born January 27, 1702.  Married Col. Thomas Chew.

4.  Zachary Taylor, born April 17, 1707 in Orange Co., Virginia.  Married Elizabeth Lee.

5.  George Taylor, born February 17, 1710 in Orange Co., Virginia.  Wed Rachael Gibson; also Sarah Taliaferro.

6.  Tabitha Taylor, born March 2, 1713 in Orange Co., Virginia.  Married Thomas Wild.

7.  Erasmus Taylor, born September 5, 1715 in Orange Co., Virginia.  Married Jane Moore.

8.  Hannah Taylor, born March 15, 1718 in Orange Co., Virginia.  Married Nicholas Battaile.

9.  Mildred Taylor, born December 11, 1724 in Orange Co., Virginia.  Married Richard Thomas.

10.      Margaret Taylor, Married Edward Tinsley.


Col. James Taylor + Martha Thompson - they have:

Frances Thompson Taylor marries Ambrose Madison – they have:

James Madison Sr. who marries Eleanor Rose Conway – they have:

President James Madison, Jr. who marries Dorothy (Dolley) Payne Todd

President James Madison

Col. James Taylor + Martha Thompson - they have:

Zachary Taylor who marries Elizabeth Lee – they have:

Richard Taylor who marries Sarah Dabney Strother - they have:

President Zachary Taylor who marries Margaret Smith


President Zachary Taylor


Col. James Taylor + Martha Thompson - they have:

Col. George Taylor (1710-1792) who marries Rachael Gibson - they have:

Richard Taylor who marries Catherine Davis - they have:

Richard Taylor Jr. (1777-1835) who marries Mary “Polly” Taylor – they have:

John Eastin Taylor (1803-1835) who marries Rebecca Edrington - they have:

Edmund Haynes Taylor (1830-1923) who weds Frances Miller Johnson – they have:


Jacob Swigert Taylor (1853-1928) who marries Sarah Ware Bacon Crittenden.  Sadie is the daughter of Laura Ware Bacon Crittenden and her husband Eugene Crittenden -  the granddaughter of Williamson Ware Bacon -  the great granddaughter of Elizabeth Ware and John Bacon -  the great great granddaughter of William and Sarah Ware - and the great, great, great granddaughter of James Ware and Agnes Todd

Eugene was the son of Governor J. J. Crittenden, so therefore, Sadie was the paternal granddaughter of Governor Crittenden


Col. James Taylor + Martha Thompson - they have:

Erasmus Taylor who marries Jane Moore - they have:

Elizabeth Taylor who marries Andrew Glassell - they have:

John Glassell who marries Louisa Richard Brown - they have:

Frances Toy Glassell who marries Josiah William Ware (great grandson of James and Agnes Todd Ware)   Josiah is the cousin of Lucy Ware Webb Hayes – wife of President Rutherford B. Hays.


Josiah Ware and Lucy Ware Webb Hayes



Col. James Taylor + Martha Thompson - they have:

Col. George Taylor (1710-1792) who marries Rachael Gibson - they have:

Commodore Richard Taylor (born January 6, 1749 - 1825) who weds Catherine Davis (born November 20, 1750 – died 1810) in 1771 

They have:

1 Richard Taylor (1770) known as “hopping Dick” because of a battle injury - He was an illegitimate son born before Richard Sr. and Catharine were married, but Catherine welcomed him into their home and adopted him as a son.

2 William Rowley Taylor (June 11, 1772 – lost at sea 1793 on his schooner bound for Jamaica)

3 Thompson Taylor (Sept. 23, 1775 – Feb. 2, 1828) wed Nancy Ann Oldham in 1796

4 Richard Taylor, Jr. (December 2, 1777 – October 9, 1835) known as “Black Dick” because of his dark complexion

He wed Mary Taylor (a cousin) on June 8, 1797.  Richard died of cholera.

5 Colby Taylor (January 8, 1780) married 3 times

6 Roger Taylor (September 12, 1781) wed Hannah Fishback

7 Catherine Taylor (Feb. 5, 1783 - 1837) married twice

8 Matilda Taylor (Dec. 19, 1784- March 5, 1833) wed Isaac Robertson in 1799

9 Lucinda Taylor (December 12, 1786) wed Philip Barbour

10 Elizabeth Taylor (1788 -died July 1794) while en route to Kentucky

11 Sarah Taylor (1790) died young


Commodore Richard Taylor was born on January 6, 1749 in Orange County, Virginia.  His mother and older brother died of smallpox in 1761 when he was twelve.  Shortly thereafter, his life became focused on the sea and he rose rapidly from midshipman to master in the colonial merchant navy. By the start of the Revolution, Richard knew his vocation well.  He was 22 when he married Catherine Davis, but he had already had a child out of wedlock by an unidentified woman. Catherine discovered this fact prior to the birth of her first child, and she took the baby (a boy already named Richard) to love and raise as her own. She gave birth to her own first baby with the Commodore in 1772 and they named him William Rowley.

Five months prior to the Declaration of Independence, Richard became an officer in Virginia’s Colonial Navy at age 27 years of age.  Richard was wounded in an engagement in Lynnhaven Bay.  He was shot in the leg and although his ship was lost, Taylor was saved and would return to action despite the serious wounds in his thigh and groin.  Two of his younger brothers (John and Benjamin) served under him, but John was captured at some point and died on the British prison ship Jersey in New York harbor. Benjamin came through safely though.

By 1777, Catherine had delivered two more sons to their family - - Thompson Taylor and Richard Taylor, Jr., who was born December 1777.  Colby Taylor was born in 1780.

Commodore Taylor was involved in another battle when grape-shot crushed his knee.  It created a wound that never healed and contributed to his death many years later.  In 1787, having adapted to crutches, Richard was appointed as ‘Commander of the Navy’ and given the title of Commodore which he carried to the end of his life. By this time, he and Catherine had added four more children to the family - Roger, Catherine, Matilda and Lucinda.

In 1789 Commodore Taylor officially ended his naval career in resignation and retirement. Catherine had borne their tenth child in 1788 – a daughter named Elizabeth, and their eleventh and last baby (Sarah) was born in 1790. 


Four years later, Richard and Catherine made the decision to move to Kentucky – not an easy journey.  They probably traveled by horseback, wagons, and flat riverboats. A typical journey, detailed by other families, took six to eight weeks. Soon after leaving Caroline County for this journey, the entourage in whole or part went to what is now Jefferson County, WV to attend a wedding. Stopping at the home of Samuel Washington, brother of the President, the Taylors participated in the joyful marriage of the Commodore’s cousin and friend, future president James Madison to Dolly Payne Todd in September 1794.” (Ref. web)


The Taylors were only in their mid-40s when they settled in Kentucky, but Richard’s life was plagued with physical and financial problems.  Lameness and chronic suffering continued until the end of his life from the unhealed war wound in the knee.  He died on August 30, 1825. (Ref. Jouett Taylor Prisley family history and genealogy)



1749 - 1825






1750 - 1810

“Just before his soul passed into the deep waters,

he roused himself for a brief moment and said triumphantly,



Commodore Richard Taylor’s son - Richard Taylor, Jr., was born December 2, 1777 in Orange County, Virginia.  On June 8, 1797, he married his first cousin - Mary Stubbs Taylor.  Mary was 16 and Richard Jr. was not yet 19 when they were married.  Richard Jr. settled with his family in Jefferson County near Louisville.  He later moved to the far western frontier of the state when he was elected by the Legislature to serve as Trustee and Treasurer of the new town of Columbus in Hickman County.  On December 15, 1823, Richard Jr. was commissioned by Governor John Adair as “Surveyor of lands set apart for the Officers and Soldiers of the Virginia State Line” of the Revolution, and he held that office for many years.  In 1835, he traveled to Franklin County and on his return journey home, he was stricken with cholera.  He died as he was carried into his home on October 9, 1835, at the age of 57. (Ref. Jouett Taylor Prisley family history and genealogy)


Richard Taylor, Jr., and Mary had a large family, but this paper will focus mainly on their two oldest sons:

1. Edmund Haynes Taylor (June 4, 1799- April 24, 1873) married four times - (1) Elizabeth Clay, (2) Louisa Ann Brown Hart (born 1808), (3) Martha Southgate Taylor, and (4) Elizabeth Sarah Fall (granddaughter of Elizabeth Ware Bacon) 

2. John Eastin Taylor (Sept. 23, 1803- Feb. 5, 1835) wed Rebecca Edrington

The line of Edmund Haynes Taylor (through his 4 wives) will include the Adairs, Monroes, Crittendens, Lewis, and Wares.

The line of John Eastin Taylor will tie in J. Swigert Taylor, Sadie Bacon Crittenden Taylor, Wares, Bacons, and Blackburns.


Grave marker for Mary (Polly) Taylor and Richard Taylor, Jr.


Edmund Haynes Taylor (June 4, 1799- April 24, 1873) married (1) Elizabeth Clay, (2) Louisa Ann Brown Hart (born 1808), (3) Martha Southgate Taylor, and (4) Elizabeth Sarah Fall  

Edmund and Louisa had a son named Thomas Hart Taylor (July 31, 1825 –April 12, 1901) who married three times.  Thomas became a Brig. General in the Confederate Army.  His 1st wife was Sarah Elizabeth Blanton and they were wed in 1844.  They had a son named Edmund Haynes Taylor (June 9, 1845 - 1921) who wed Anne Innes Crittenden Watson in 1874.  In 1878, Thomas Hart Taylor married his third wife, Eliza Adair Monroe.

Edmund Haynes Taylor, still son of Richard Taylor, (June 4, 1799- April 24, 1873) married for the last time to Elizabeth Sarah Fall (July 29, 1826 - May 11, 1899) on February 12, 1861.

Edmund Haynes Taylor and Elizabeth had two children:  (1) Philip Fall Taylor (born 1864), who married Margaret J. Taylor in 1901; and (2) Sallie Jouett Fall Taylor (born 1865), who married Dr. Samuel James and John Stout Cannon.


Grave markers for Colonel Edmund H. Taylor and Elizabeth Fall Taylor


Top part of tombstone


Edmund Haynes Taylor’s last wife, Elizabeth Fall Taylor (known as Bettie) was the daughter of Anne Apperson Bacon (known as Nancy) and Reverend Philip Slater Fall.  She was the granddaughter of Elizabeth Ware and John Bacon.  Therefore, Bettie Fall Taylor was the great granddaughter of William and Sarah Ware and the great, great granddaughter of James and Agnes Ware.

John Eastin Taylor (Sept. 23, 1803- Feb. 5, 1835) (son of Richard Taylor, Jr. and brother of Edmund Haynes Taylor) wed Rebecca Edrington.  According to author William Railey, John Eastin Taylor and Rebecca Edrington were personally acquainted, if not sweethearts before they moved to Hickman County, the former from Franklin Co. the latter from Woodford.  It is possible that the two families moved to southern Kentucky at the same time, but Richard Taylor Jr., the father of John Eastin, was a magistrate in Franklin County in 1813, going to Hickman County a few years later where he engaged in surveying government lands, and it was at Columbus, Hickman County, that John Eastin Taylor and Rebecca Edrington were married.  They reared several children in that vicinity.” (Ref.1024)

Rebecca was “the daughter of Joseph Edrington and Elizabeth Bohannon Cook, the widow of Jesse Cook who was killed by the Indians at the Old Innis Fort, three miles from Frankfort on Elkhorn April 28, 1792.” (Ref. 1024)   Rebecca’s mother (born 1769) endured a horrific Indian attack – (see New Nation/New Home by Judy C. Ware for details).  Her father, Joseph Edrington, was active in church affairs and worked with William Ware in 1795 to find an appropriate meeting place for their Baptist church.

John Eastin died in 1835 and Rebecca remarried in 1842 to Reverend William K. Young.  Rebecca died April 20, 1875, at 75.

John Eastin Taylor and Rebecca Edrington Taylor had the following children:  Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. (Feb. 12, 1830 – Jan. 19, 1923); Eugenia Taylor (1833 – after 1900), and John Richard Taylor (1835 – 1926). 

Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. (Feb. 12, 1830 – Jan. 19, 1923) married Frances Miller Johnson.  One of their many children was Jacob Swigert Taylor (Sept. 30, 1853 – Sept. 17, 1928) who married Sarah (Sadie) Ware Bacon Crittenden.

Sarah Crittenden (Sadie) was the daughter of Laura Ware Bacon and Eugene Crittenden.  Laura’s ancestor was James Ware and Eugene’s ancestor was J.J. Crittenden.

In summary:

Edmund Haynes Taylor and John Eastin Taylor were both sons of Richard Taylor Jr., grandsons of Commodore Richard Taylor, great grandsons of George Taylor, and great, great grandsons of Col. James Taylor + Martha Thompson.  Commodore Richard Taylor was the cousin of President James Madison and President Zachary Taylor.





Elizabeth Bullock (1785 – 1834) – daughter of James Bullock and Ann Waller

Married Thomas Minor Redd and had 5 children:

James Waller Redd (1806 – 1858), Archibald Overton Redd (1808 – 1899), Martha Ann Redd (1809 – 1863), Mordecai Redd (1812 – 1826), and Agatha Minor Redd (1805 – 1881)

Martha Ann Redd (1809 – 1863) wed Lewis Allen Berry (1800 – 1881).  They had a daughter named Fannie Berry (Aug. 20, 1849 – Feb. 2, 1897) who married James M. Saffell (1842 – 1907).  They had a son named Allen Pythian Saffell (1871 – July 23, 1900) who married Francis Taylor Jacob – the sister of Swigert Taylor who married Sarah Ware Bacon Crittenden.

Martha and Lewis Allen Berry also had: Bettie Berry (1831 – 1893); John T. Berry (1837 – 1925); Sallie C. Berry (1842 – Jan. 1941) who wed Joseph C. Bailey; Robert Younger Berry (1844 – Sept. 15, 1885) who wed Sallie Ware; Lewis A. Berry (1847 – 1894), and Fannie Berry (1849 – 1897)

Thomas Minor Redd died in 1820 - leaving Elizabeth (at age 41) with five children - coming into a new marriage:  (1) James Waller Redd (age 14); (2) Archie Overton Redd (age 12); (3) Martha Ann Redd (age 11); (4) Mordecai Redd (age 8); and (5) Agatha Redd (age 5).  “Thomas died before his children were grown and Waller Bullock was guardian of the minor children; they becoming wards of Samuel Ware.” (Ref. 1024)

Thomas died in 1820 and Elizabeth Bullock (Redd) then married Samuel Ware (1781 - ), son of William and Sarah Ware (and grandson of James and Agnes Ware), on January 21, 1823.

Samuel Ware actually married three times, but he only sired children with his first two wives.  His first wife was Elizabeth Ann Read, the daughter of Hankerson Read and Mary Slaughter Read.  They married on June 10, 1801.  Elizabeth died August 30, 1814.  The children of Samuel Ware and Elizabeth Ann Read were:

James Read Ware – (May 30, 1803 - September 22, 1857)

Lucy Ware – (April 7, 1805 - May 1817) age 12

Agnes Ware (November 16, 1806 - ) wed Thomas Bullock on December 21, 1824, at age 18.  He became a member of the Illinois state senate.

Hankerson Favor Ware (April 26, 1808 – 1808)

Hankerson Read Ware (September 3, 1809 – January 9, 1849)  He was one of the last ‘Ware’ owners of Wareland

William Samuel Ware (March 10, 1811 - August 2, 1860)

Ann Richardson Ware (December 7, 1812 - ) (Ref 1024)   On July 21, 1883, at the age of 19, Ann married Elijah Fogg. 

When Samuel Ware (son of William and grandson of James I) remarried on January 21, 1823, it was to Elizabeth Bullock (Redd) – widow of Thomas Minor Redd.  This combined the following children of Elizabeth

(James Waller Redd (1806 – 1858), Archibald Overton Redd (1808 – 1899), Martha Ann Redd (1809 – 1863), Mordecai Redd (1812 – 1826), and Agatha Minor Redd (1805 – 1881)

with the children of Samuel Ware

James Read Ware (1803 - 1857), Lucy Ware (1805 - 1817), Agnes Ware (1806 - 1882), Hankerson Read Ware (1809 – 1849), William Samuel Ware (1811 - 1860), and Ann Richardson Ware (1812).

Elizabeth Bullock Redd Ware and Samuel Ware added one more child to the already large family – Elizabeth Redd Ware (Jan. 14, 1824) who married John Benjamin Utterback (nephew of Lewis Berry) in 1843.  Elizabeth and John had several children.  “Their son, Lewis, farmed in Missouri, and son, Charles W., owned and occupied the old homestead of his grandfather in Woodford County.  Their daughter, Allie, wed William Smith of Winchester, and daughter, Lelia, ‘resided on the father’s homestead.’” (Ref. 2575)

Wedding notice for Samuel Ware and Elizabeth Read


Official Wedding Bond - The bond was signed 2 days prior to the wedding.

Wedding bond signed by Elizabeth’s father – Hankerson Read


Wedding license for Samuel Ware and his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Bullock Redd

Now . . .  going back to Martha Ann Redd (1809 – 1863) who wed
Lewis Allen Berry
and had daughter, Fannie Berry (Saffell) – mother of A. Pythian Saffell  who married Francis Taylor. 

Martha and Lewis Allen Berry also had: Bettie Berry (1831 – 1893); John T. Berry (1837 – 1925); Sallie C. Berry (1842 – Jan. 1941) who wed Joseph C. Bailey; Robert Younger Berry (1844 – Sept. 15, 1885) who married Sallie Ware.   

Sallie was the daughter of James Thompson Ware (Dec. 23, 1814 – Sept. 30, 1871) who married Patsy Bedford (sister of Henry Clay Bedford and Asa Kentucky Lewis Bedford) in 1844.  (Ref. 1070, 2118)   All three Bedford siblings were second cousins of Henry Clay.  James Thompson Ware was the son of Thompson and Sallie Conn Ware and the grandson of James II and Caty Ware, and the great grandson of James and Agnes Todd Ware. 

When Sallie Ware married Robert Younger Berry (brother of Fannie Berry), they had (1) Lewis Berry, (2) James Ware Berry, (3) John Berry, and (4) Robert Younger Berry, Jr.

Grave for James Thompson Ware – son of Thompson Ware, grandson of James Ware II, and great grandson of James Ware I 


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