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82.   Now I will tell a little about Uncle Rob’s and Aunt Carrie’s children.  Of course, I have not been as closely associated with them as the Virginia cousins, except my dear Alice.  They all lived too far away for us to meet very often.

Ellen Edmonia (the beauty of the family) married first Sterling Goddard and there were five children by this union . . . Caroline, Jaquelin, Sterling, and Lester.  They have all turned out well, I understand.  Sterling died in 1918.  Ellen remarried Benjamin Reagan.  He was a widower with six children and Ellen moved her brood over to his big family - they seemed to live in perfect accord under Ellen’s management.  There were two boys born to the Reagans, Benjamin and Herbert.

CORRECTION:  Cornelia failed to list all five children.

They were Caroline, Elizabeth, Joseph Sterling, Jr., Lester Orestes, and Jaquelin.

Ellen was, indeed, very beautiful.  After her marriage to Joseph Sterling Goddard (known as Sterling) on June 3, 1905, they had their five children: Caroline, Elizabeth, Joseph Sterling, Jr., Lester Orestes, and Jaquelin.


Ellen and Sterling Goddard Wedding Photo



Caroline, Elizabeth, Joseph Sterling, Lester and Jaquelin

All of the above photos are kindly provided by John Reagan on his family site of

Sadly, Ellen’s first husband died suddenly from pneumonia in 1916.  Two years later, she married for a second time on September 28, 1918.  Her new husband was a widower named Herbert Everett Reagan who also had five children from his first marriage.  The family blended together beautifully and added two more sons along the way - Benjamin and Herbert Reagan.

Ellen Ware and Herbert Reagan on their honeymoon, 1918

The large family now included Herbert’s children, bringing the total to ten offspring. The youngest child, Ruth, was only seven when the families merged into one.  The other children were Archibald, Keturah, Babbie, Barabara, and Ruth.



Keturah and Archie, Babbie (Ethel), Barbara, and Ruth

Ellen delivered two more sons, Herbert Everett Reagan in 1919 and Benjamin Franklin Reagan in 1921 - bringing the total to 12 children.

Herb Reagan and Ben Reagan

 This following photo shows all 12 children!

84.  Mr. Reagan died about 1938.  Ellen travelled abroad and there she met Mario Saint Cyr, a musician and an Italian, whom she married and they came back to this country to live.  He died several years ago.   As I have said before, Ellen now lives in Chicago and Aunt Carrie lives with her.

CORRECTION:  Herbert Everett Reagan Sr. died in 1922

** Unfortunately, Ellen’s second husband passed away also, but she married for a third time in October 1932.  She met her husband, Mario Saint-Cyr, while visiting in Italy.  He was descended from an Italian mother and French father.

Ellen and Mario Saint-Cyr

85.  Josiah William is married and lives in California.  They have bought a farm or ranch out there, I understand.  I am sorry I don’t know more about the “Ware Boys” but I haven’t seen them since we were children together at Durham.

** Jo actually married more than once.  His first wife was Eunice Stalker and his second wife was Pauline Beardsley.  Pauline had been one of the bridesmaids in his sister’s wedding in 1905.  In 1908, the following article about Pauline appeared in the newspaper:

River-aide will entertain for Mrs. Pauline Beardsley Ware at luncheon and bridge tomorrow.

Joe Ware died in April 1968 in Pecos, New Mexico.

86.   Henry or Hal married Louise Thode and lives on the home ranch near Dexter, New Mexico.  There are two children, Robert Mackey, who is a graduate of the Naval Academy and made a brilliant record in the war.  Henry W. Jr. also in service and a daughter, Margaret.

CORRECTION: no “e” in Macky.

According to my research, The Catalogue of Beta Theta Pi, 1905 for the University of Illinois in Champaign lists both Josiah William Ware as an orchardist and farmer in Dexter, New Mexico, and also Henry Waughop Ware as an orchardist and farmer in Hagerman, New Mexico.

Henry, known as Hal, married Louise Christine Thode on March 27, 1912, in New Mexico.  Their children were Margaret Ann Ware, Robert Macky Ware, and Henry Waughop Ware, Jr.   In later years, Hal Sr. wrote a family history and included wonderful information about all the Wares in New Mexico.



Henry W. Ware Sr. and Louise Thode Ware

The above photos were kindly provided by granddaughter, Martha Ware

“Margaret took a nurse’s training course in Denver General Hospital. After graduation she went to the Navy Hospital in San Diego and met Ted Ivers, a chief petty officer in the Navy. They married in 1940 and raised two fine sons.  Robert graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1937, took flight training, and went through the war with Japan. After returning he married and later retired from the Navy. He and his wife, Edie, now live in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Hal Jr. graduated from high school in Hagerman and went to New Mexico A. and M. . .  After time out for war service In Italy in the Air Force, he graduated in 1947. He married Blanche Egerton and they now live in Tucson, Arizona.” (Ref. 103)

** Hal was very modest about the accomplishments of his children.  His oldest daughter, Margaret Ann Ware, was born on September 8, 1913 in New Mexico.  On January 1, 1940, she married Grant Perrin “Ted” Ivers, and the couple had two sons.  Margaret, who graduated from nursing school in Denver, Colorado, entered the U.S. Navy at the very dangerous time when nurses were sorely needed because of the war.  Even when, after marriage, she resigned her naval commission, Margaret continued to selflessly serve others.  After living an amazing 93 years, she passed away in Texas on March 29, 2007.  Her obituary on the next page gives a wonderful overview of her life.    Both Margaret and her husband are buried with honor in Arlington, Virginia.


Margaret Ware Ivers

WYLIE, Texas — Margaret Ware Ivers, 93, formerly of Wylie, Texas, died Thursday, March 29, 2007, in Plano, Texas.

Mrs. Ivers was born Sept. 8, 1913, in Hagerman to Henry W. Ware and Louise Thode Ware. The Ware and Thode families were early settlers in New Mexico's Pecos Valley. Mrs. Ivers graduated from Twin Falls High School in Twin Falls, Idaho. After graduation from high school, she went on to nurses training at the Colorado Training School in Denver. Upon completion of nurses training, she entered the U.S. Navy and was assigned to the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego, Calif. It was there that she met her future husband, Grant P. "Ted" Ivers, a career navy man. The couple was married on New Year's Day, 1940. While Mrs. Ivers resigned her Navy nursing commission, she continued in her nursing profession. Her husband's various sea assignments during World War II presented Margaret with many challenges and many nursing opportunities, one of which included serving as a nurse at the German prisoner of war camp outside Roswell. The first of her two sons, Donald Louis, was born in May, 1941, in San Diego, Calif. At that time, Margaret moved back to New Mexico and her family's farm outside Hagerman. Margaret's second son, David Russell, was born in April, 1947, in Roswell. After the end of WW-II, and her husband's retirement Navy, Margaret and family moved to Roswell, where they lived for four years. Margaret was active in community and church activities. In the early 1950s, the Ivers family moved to Artesia where Margaret worked for many years in the offices of Dr. Louis Hamilton. Her husband, Ted, managed the hardware branch of the Artesia Alfalfa Grower's Association. The couple was active in community and church activities in Artesia. Following both Margaret and Ted's retirements, they moved to Carlsbad and, subsequently, to El Paso. Margaret was preceded in death by her husband, Ted, in 1998. She is survived by two sons: Donald L. Ivers of Alexandria, Va. and David R. Ivers of Wylie, Texas; two brothers: Robert M. Ware of Pensacola, Fla. and Henry W. Ware of Tucson, Ariz.; five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Arrangements are pending with Restland Funeral Home in Dallas. Burial will be in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.   

The second child for Hal and Louise was a son - Robert Macky Ware – obviously named in honor of his grandfather.   Born on March 8, 1915, Robert attended the Naval Academy at Annapolis and graduated in 1937.  He then took flight training and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1940.  To say that his career was stellar is an understatement as he was awarded the Navy Cross twice during World War II.  He then commanded the aircraft carrier USS BENNINGTON (CVS-20) from 1960-1961.

Rob first married Ruby Marie Schilling, and they had a beautiful daughter named Barbara.

Rob Ware & Ruby Marie Schilling


Rob and Edie

Rob’s second wife was Edythe Picht Ware; known as Edie.  For a while they lived in Guadalajara, Mexico.  They had one son named Thomas Hugh Ware, but he died November 4, 1969 at the young age of 21.  Robert and Edie retired to Pensacola, Florida.


                              Robert Macky Ware



Aug. 22, 1942

February 17, 1945

February 16-April 27, 1945

March 24, 1945

April 7, 1945

Edythe Ware died in 1991 and Robert Macky Ware died in 2010.  They are both buried in Barrancas National Cemetery in Florida.


The third child for Hal and Louise was a son named Henry Waughop Ware, Jr., obviously in honor of his father.  Hal Jr., graduated from high school in Hagerman and then attended college at New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (A&M) where he graduated in 1947.  He took some time off during those college years to serve his country in the Air Force.  He was sent over to Italy.

In 1946, Hal Jr., married Blanche Fredonia Egerton of Mesilla Park, New Mexico.  The service was performed in St. James Episcopal Church by Rev. Hunter Lewis who passed away two years after they were wed.  Blanche came from a family with great artistic talents.  Her brother, Kearney Egerton, was a cartoonist and writer for the Arizona Republican newspaper.  He created the comic strip known as “Biff Buff” – which was wildly popular.  According to one writer, “his drawings and tales of the state's history made him an Arizona institution.” (Ref. website) Kearney retired after more than 40 years with the Republic newspaper.  He died at age 69.

Blanche’s sister, Lillian Egerton, grew up in Las Cruces, and began painting beautiful murals even at a young age.  She later moved to Dallas and ultimately, had a long career as a New York City fashion illustrator for department stores such as B. Altman and Neiman Marcus.  She and her husband lived in Park Ridge, N.J., where they raised three children, while she continued her career in fashion illustration.  She continued to study painting throughout her life.  Lillian died in 1998, but her remarkable murals can still be seen today in the historic Amador Hotel in Las Cruces - which is in the process of being restored.  The building is 126 years old, and eight murals that Lillian painted during the mid 1930’s have been restored and covered with plexi-glass to protect them. 

Hal and Blanche Ware

Hal and Blanche were married on the 5th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor - Saturday, December 7, 1946.



The church where they were married

Sunday Morning December 8, 1946 LAS CRUCES (N. M.)

SUN-NEWS Blanche Egerton, H. W. Ware, Jr.,Wedding

Of widespread interest is the announcement of the marriage, of Miss Blanche Egerton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Egerton of Mesilla Park, to Henry W. Ware, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Ware of Hagerman. They were united in a quiet ceremony yesterday afternoon in St. James Episcopal Church at Mesilla Park. The Rev. Hunter Lewis read the service in the presence of the relatives and intimate friends of the couple. Forming a background for the ceremony were white flowers, greenery, and burning candles. The bride wore a suit with which she wore matching accessories. After the ceremony the couple left the city for the weekend but will return Monday to reside in Mesilla Park. The bride, member of a prominent Las Cruces family, was graduated from New Mexico AM in 1944 and for two years was connected with the military science department at the college. Before entering AM she was a student at the University of Arizona. Her sister, Miss Lillian Egerton, is a talented artist, now doing freelance fashion work in New York. Her brother, Kearney Egerton, is a sports writer and cartoonist on the staff of the Arizona Republic in Phoenix. Mr. Ware attended New Mexico AM for 3 years before entering the Army. He was commissioned in the Air Forces and served in Europe.

Inside the church

Hal Sr. and Louise had lived in Idaho for about eight years, but they ended up moving back to the land that Robert Macky Ware and Caroline had settled on originally; and they made many improvements to the place.  Hal died in January 1983 and was buried in Artesia, New Mexico.  Louise followed him two years later, and they both are laid to rest in Twin Oaks Memorial Park.


Grave markers

Grave for Hal and Louise Ware

87.  Uncle Rob’s youngest married first Roger Elliott.  They left New Mexico and lived in White Plains, New York.  There are three children – Marjorie, who married Dan Carpenter, they have a fine boy, Roger, and live in New York.  Elizabeth has just returned to this country after serving two years in the Red Cross, with General Patch’s 7th Army, 3rd Division.  John is married and they have a new baby and live in New York.  Alice’s husband, Roger, died and, after some years, she remarried Arthur Ebbets of the famous family that Ebbets field in Brooklyn is named after.  He is a theatre manager.  Within the last two years they have bought a house and farm near Carmel, New York.

The youngest child Cornelia was referring to was Alice Wilson Ware.  Caroline delivered her on June 25, 1891, before the move to New Mexico.  Cornelia had written earlier that “of course, I have not been as closely associated with them [Robert and Caroline’s children] as the Virginia cousins, except my dear Alice.  They all lived too far away for us to meet very often.  She obviously felt very close to Alice, however.

Alice Wilson Ware

Alice married Roger Sherman Elliott on April 16, 1910.  Their children were Marjorie, Elizabeth, and John Elliot.  After Roger died, Alice wed Arthur Henry Ebbets on May 26, 1937.  His family was well-known in Brooklyn - his uncle, Charles A. Ebbets, being the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the famous Ebbets Field.  Alice was the third wife for Arthur.

Ebbets Field

Alice’s daughter from her first marriage, Marjorie Elliott, married Dan Carpenter.  In an excerpt from his obituary, it states:

“H. Daniel Carpenter, a longtime leader in the national settlement house movement and for 30 years the director of the Hudson Guild in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, died on Feb. 7th  in Tucson, Arizona.  He was 95 and had moved to Tucson in 2002 after living in Chelsea for 71 years.  His death was announced by the Hudson Guild & the National Association on Drug Abuse Problems, of which he later became president . . . In 1932, Mr. Carpenter married Marjorie Elliott, the founder's niece, who died in 1980. He is survived by their son, Roger C. of Tucson, and a grandson.

Arthur Henry Ebbets died in 1959, but Alice Wilson Ware Ebbets lived until October 1983 in New York.  The following is the obituary for Arthur.


88.  I hope this will bring some family information to members wherever they may be and (to some) recall happy times during our young days. Writing it has brought back so much to me.


Cornelia Ware Anker, 1945


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