Researched & written by Judith Cumbea Ware




B. January 13, 1771   Nov. 10, 1796         B. Oct. 26, 1774

D. Sept. 13, 1821                                      D. Aug. 29, 1803

    (Thursday night)


Elizabeth Alexander was the daughter of Morgan & Elizabeth (Snickers) Alexander who were married on Feb. 12, 1773.    Morgan fought in the Revolutionary War and Elizabeth was the daughter of Edmund and Elizabeth (Taliaferro) Snickers of Clarke County whose son William (brother of Elizabeth) married Frances Washington, the daughter of Warner and Mary (Whiting) Washington – first cousin of General George Washington.

          James III and Elizabeth were married on Nov. 10, 1796. James had previously traveled to Kentucky with his father in 1789 and worked there until 1791. He then returned to Virginia for health reasons & settled in Frederick Co., Virginia - later to be renamed Clarke County. He built a lovely home called "Riverside" (which was located directly across from the Shenandoah River) and he also owned a tavern and a mill in the area. When Elizabeth died in 1806, James remarried. He and his 2nd wife, Harriet Taylor, had 6 more children together, but only one daughter lived long enough to marry. They had James (who died at age 18 on board the ship "Herald" bound for Charlestown, South Carolina), Bushrod Thomas (who died at age 7), Thomas Marshall {called Marshall} who died at age 20, Harriet Mary Todd {called Mary} who died at age 12, Elizabeth Alexander who died at only 14 months, and Lucy Catherine - the child who survived. [She married Dr. William D. McGuire.] All of this information is given in detail in the antique Ware Family bible that is owned by Jim & Judy Ware as of 2006. This bible dates back to the mid 1700's. [ref.1]





1.Sarah Elizabeth Taliaferro Ware       +                     Sigismund Stribling

     B. Oct. 01, 1797                     Nov. 7, 1820               B.  1791

     D. April 16, 1878                                                      D.  1822



2.  Charles Alexander Ware           +                        

     B. July 03, 1800                                         

     D. Dec. 03, 1823 at 12 p.m.   (at age 23)



3. Josiah William Ware                  +                     Frances Toy Glassell

    B.  Aug. 19, 1802          Feb. 22, 1827               B. July 25, 1809

    D.  Aug. 13, 1883                                              D.  May 10,1842 (8a.m.)


                                          Jan. 30, 1845           Edmonia Jaquelin Smith

                                                                                 B. March 7, 1817

                                                                                 D. March 30, 1900






    B. January 13, 1771                                  B. April 26, 1790

D. Sept. 13, 1821      March 17, 1808        D. Nov. 01, 1822

      (Thursday night)                                                                  (Friday, at 11:00)


                     Their children:

4. James W. Ware 

    B. Feb. 01, 1809

    D. April 07, 1827   age 18   (“on board the ship Herald bound to CharlesTown,

     South Carolina”)




5. Bushrod Thomas Ware

    B. Sept. 10, 1810

    D. June 14, 1817   at age 7




6.  Thomas Marshall Ware

     B. July 3, 1812

     D. Oct. 12, 1832   at age 20




7. Lucy Catherine Ware                  +                    Dr. William D. McGuire

    B. July 26, 1814                                        B. Feb. 23, 1810

    D.                                                              D. Feb. 04, 1877

                      * one of their children was Elizabeth Holmes who married Dr. James Mercer Garnett McGuire who later married Elizabeth Alexander Ware Britton (daughter of Josiah Ware)





8. Harriet Mary Todd Ware

     B. Nov. 21, 1816

     D. Feb.05, 1828 (Tuesday)  at age 12




9. Elizabeth Alexander Ware

B. Nov. 06, 1818

D. Jan. 06, 1820  12:o’clock   at 14 months









CHILDREN from James III and Elizabeth Alexander Ware


(1) Sarah (Sally) Elizabeth Taliaferro Ware was born on Oct. 01, 1797.  She married Sigismund Stribling, and they had a daughter named Sigismunda who later married Charles Edward Kimball.  Sally was extremely close to her brother, Josiah Ware.  In fact, they lived right across from each other  (Sarah on land called Morgan Springs and Josiah on land called Springfield.)  Josiah and his 2nd wife Edmonia even named one of their sons (Sigismund Stribling Ware) after her husband.  Sally died on April 16, 1878.



 (2) Charles Alexander Ware was born on July 03, 1800 and died on

          Dec. 03, 1823 at 12 p.m.   (at age 23).  The date and times are

          recorded in the old family bible which we own.


 JosiahWilliamWare.gif (60137 bytes)

 (3) Josiah William Ware was born on August 19, 1802 and married Frances Toy Glassell on Feb. 22, 1827.  Shortly before their marriage, Josiah began construction of Springfield Farm on land inherited from his mother. (ref. 2, 61)  The land originally belonged to Edward Snickers (a large landowner in Virginia around 1760) and was called “Springfield” even at that time.  Edward left the property to his daughter Sarah (Mrs. Morgan Alexander.)  She, in turn, willed it to their daughter Elizabeth (Mrs. James Ware III), and they subsequently gave the property to their son, Josiah Willam Ware. (ref. 160)   There is a lot of information on Springfield that will follow later and can also be found on my website.


Josiah and Francis had six children together before her death on May 10, 1842.  Judge James Alexander Ware

Child # 1 Their first son (named James) was born Feb. 16, 1831.  The baby only lived 8 months after birth, however.

Child #2  When another son was born on Nov. 26, 1832, they decided to name him James as well.  His full name was James Alexander Ware - - he is the son from which my family line continues.  His middle name (Alexander) was Josiah’s mother’s maiden name.  James went on to serve as a colonel in the Civil War, married Jane Morton Smith, and later became a judge in Texas.  He was what they would call “an unreconstructed rebel” – because he refused to sign the papers that swore he would not take up arms against the Union after the war ended.  It was because of that little technicality that he could not return to Virginia and, therefore, settled in Texas.  Judge Ware died Aug. 19, 1896.Elizabeth Alexander Ware

Child #3 was John Glassell Ware (the “Glassell” part obviously honoring Frances’s side of the family).   John was born on May 2, 1835, but unfortunately died of yellow fever at the age of 23 on Sept. 29, 1858.

Child #4 was Elizabeth Alexander Ware – born on Sept. 30, 1837.  Elizabeth had a fascinating history & I have tons of information on her; including a beautiful picture.    She married a Dr. Edward Wharton Britton on March 10, 1864 at the age of 27.  They had one son named Josiah (after her beloved father), but tragedy struck in 1865.  Elizabeth traveled home to see her family, and shortly afterwards (on November 8, 1865) her baby died of yellow fever.  On the very same day her son died, she got the news that her husband (Dr. Britton) had also died of yellow fever in Texas.  Elizabeth later remarried in 1884 to Dr. James Mercer McGuire, but she never had any other children of her own.  There is a stained glass window in Grace Episcopal Church that is dedicated to her - - I will send pictures of that at a later date.  Elizabeth (known by the nicknames of “Bessie” and “Key”) died March 29, 1925.Lucy Balmain Ware

Child #5 was Lucy Balmain Ware.  Her middle name was bestowed on her out of a deep friendship the family had with a minister by that name.  She was born on Jan. 10, 1839 and later  (at age 20) joined the George Washington family tree by marrying one of Washington’s favorite nephews; Edward Parke Custis Lewis – son of Lorenzo & Esther Lewis and grandson of Nelly Custis {Lewis} – the adopted daughter of George Washington.  Lucy had a very sad life in that she lost so many children.    Her daughter Eleanor Angela died at 7 months, son Lawrence Fielding died as an infant, son John Glassell also died as an infant, and son Edward Parke Custis died at 19 months.  The only child she had that lived to adulthood was Lucy (named after her), but Lucy Balmain died shortly after her birth in September of 1866.  The baby was raised for a while by her sister Elizabeth; until E.P.C. Lewis remarried years laCharlesAlexanderWare1908.gif (39217 bytes)ter and served as an ambassador to Portugal.  There is an entire alcove and stained glass window dedicated to Lucy Balmain Ware in Grace Episcopal Church – I will be happy to send you those pictures as well.

Child #6 was Charles Alexander Ware who was born on April 26, 1841.  Charles went to Medical School at the University of Virginia.  He later served with J.E.B. Stuart during the Civil War and became the head surgeon for Imboden’s Corps until the war ended. (ref. #34) Charles never married and later took up residence in St. Louis where he practiced medicine for many years.  He died at age 74 in 1915.  We have many letters from him that truly reflect his great wit and humor.

As mentioned before, Frances died in 1842 – leaving Josiah with 5 children left to raise; the oldest (James) was only 11 and young Charles was just one year of age.

On January 30, 1845, Josiah remarried.   His new wife was Edmonia Jaquelin Smith – the daughter of Edward Jaquelin Smith and Elizabeth Macky.   She was 28 years old at the time of the marriage, and the wedding took place at her family home of Smithfield. (ref.84)   Josiah and Edmonia were actually distant cousins.  See if you can follow this - - Josiah was the son of Elizabeth Alexander Ware who was the daughter of Sarah Snickers Alexander who was the daughter of Edward Snickers and Elizabeth Taliaferro.   Edmonia was the daughter of Elizabeth Mackey Smith who was the daughter of Katharine Snickers Mackey who was the daughter of Edward Snickers and Elizabeth Taliaferro!! 

Anyway – Josiah and Edmonia moved into Springfield after their marriage, and they ALSO had six children together.  I have many, many letters and remembrances of Edmonia, but I won’t go into all that now.

Child #1 Jaquelin Smith Ware was their first child together, and he was born on Feb. 7, 1846.  He served in the Confederate army as a courier for J.E.B. Stuart, and he later married Helen Grinnan.  They had no children, but “Uncle Jaque” was well loved by all.  There is a beautifully engraved brass marker on the pulpit in Grace Episcopal Church in Berryville that serves as a memorial to him.  I’ll send that picture to you later.  Jaque (Jack) died November 28, 1919.

Edmonia Ware and her sonsChild #2  Josiah William Ware was born on July 8, 1847, but sadly he only lived to be 4 months old.  He passed away on Nov. 13, 1847.

Child #3  Sigismund Stribling Ware was born on June 27, 1849, but again - - this poor baby didn’t live long either.  He died at 7 months on Jan. 1, 1850.

Child #4 Sigismund Stribling Ware was born on Feb. 3, 1851.  As was a common practice back in those times -  if a child died very young, it was not unusual to use the same name again.  This son was named after Josiah’s sister’s husband; whom everyone thought so highly of.  Sigismund became an Episcopal Clergyman after attending the Theological Seminary near Alexandria, Virginia - (thus becoming Reverend S.S. Ware).    He married Elizabeth Montgomery Walker and they had three children, but only one lived to adulthood.  Edmonia Jaquelin and Edward Jaquelin both died in infancy, but Margaret Cornelia grew up and later married John Anker.  We have a phenomenal letter from her describing all kinds of family history!  Reverend Sigismund died November 2, 1934.

Robert Mackay Ware in 1880Child # 5 Josiah William Ware II was born on Nov. 23, 1853.  He also became ordained to the Episcopal ministry, and he had a parish on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Accomac County.  That is where he met his future wife, Anne Nottingham.  They had 5 children that lived to maturity.  Their children were John Nottingham Ware, Jaquelin Ware, Josiah William Ware III, Kennard Ware, and Dorothy Ware.  We have an incredible copy of his memoirs – relating things that happened during the Civil War.  Reverend Joe died November 15, 1942.

Child # 6  Robert Mackey Ware was born on May 5, 1857 (when Josiah was 55 years old and Edmonia was 40).  He moved to Chicago when grown and married Caroline Hubbard Waughop.  He continued in business there until 1905 when he built a house in New Mexico and moved his family on a ranch there.  He and Caroline had four children: Ellen Edmonia Ware, Josiah William Ware, Henry W. Ware, and Alice Wilson Ware.  (ref. 2, 3, & 195)  Robert died on March 02, 1942.

Obviously, Josiah is the focal point of a lot of my research since our family line descends directly through him.  (His 1st son was my husband’s great grandfather.)   There is a lot more information on him on my website and I will be posting more items in the near future.  He was a very influential man in Virginia during the Civil War and corresponded with many interesting people such as Henry Clay, Robert E. Lee, Daniel Webster, President Hayes, and others.  Josiah died August 13, 1883. 

Children from James III and  Harriet Taylor Ware

(4)  James W. Ware 

    B. Feb. 01, 1809

    D. April 07, 1827   age 18   (“on board the ship Herald bound to CharlesTown,

     South Carolina)  The exact quote (taken from the old family bible) reads:

 “James W. Ware departed this life on the 7th April 1827 on board the ship Herald bound to CharlesTown South Carolina - - Capt. Graham Master”


(5) Bushrod Thomas Ware was born on Sept. 10, 1810.  He only lived to be 7 years old – dying on June 14, 1817.


(6) Thomas Marshall Ware was known by the name of Marshall.  He was born on July 3, 1812, but died on Oct. 12, 1832 at the age of twenty.


(7)  Lucy Catherine Ware was born on July 26, 1814 and married Dr. William D. McGuire.  One of their children was Elizabeth Holmes who married Dr. James Mercer Garnett McGuire who later married Elizabeth Alexander Ware Britton (daughter of Josiah Ware)


(8) Harriet Mary Todd Ware was born on November 21, 1816.  Sadly, she only lived to be 12 – dying on February 05, 1828 (Tuesday)  The old family bible states it like this:  “Harriet Mary Todd Ware departed this life on Tuesday the 5th day of February, 1828”


(9)   Elizabeth Alexander Ware was born on November 06,1818.  She only lived to be about 14 months old.  The bible states it as “Elizabeth Alexander Ware died January 6th, 1820  12:O’Clock

 Almost all of these dates are recorded clearly in the old Ware family bible which I own.