The Sugar Bowl is Home At Last
ŠJudy C. Ware  2010

Mount Vernon

     Since writing the original story of the Washington sugar bowl in 2008, we have had the incredible experience of attending a black tie dinner at Mount Vernon given in honor of the 278th birthday of George Washington and the opening of a new exhibition entitled “Bringing Them Home.”

Mount Vernon Invitation

     Our sugar bowl was chosen as one of the “showcase pieces” to be filmed in The History Channel film that runs beside the display in the F. M. Kirby Foundation Gallery which is part of the Donald W. Reynolds Museum at Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Invitation

Mount Vernon Invitation

     It was an experience of a lifetime to be there for the ribbon cutting ceremony and the opening of the new exhibit.  Words cannot describe our joy and thrill at seeing the sugar bowl finally back where it belongs – preserved forever in the home of our first President.   It was, indeed, a celebration of “bringing it home.”  We can’t help but think that our Ware ancestors are proud.


Mount Vernon Pamphlet                   The Wares at Mount Vernon


Mount Vernon Pamphlet               

Mount Vernon Display

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This appeared in USA Today newspaper the day after the exhibit.


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