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Transcription of an 1836 Letter
from Henry Clay to Josiah Ware

Transcribed by: Judy C. Ware
Judy C. Ware February 2009
Original copy of letter on file at Rutherford B. Hayes Library

I am greatly obliged by the friendly invitation contained in your letter of the 28th inst. (of this month) and I delivered your message to Judge Porter and Mr. Crittenden.  We should all be most happy to visit you at your own hospitable house; but such is the anxiety which we have to reach our respective homes, after an absence so protracted, that we are compelled on this occasion to forego the satisfaction of seeing you. 

Should a future opportunity present itself, I shall with pleasure embrace it to visit you; and I shall be highly grateful to see you at Ashland, if you ever again go to Kentucky.

                                          With high regard,                                           I am yours truly
                                          Henry Clay
                                          Washington, 25th June, 1836

J.W. Ware Esquire

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