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Transcription Of Letter From Senator William R. King
To Josiah Ware, 1838

Researched & written by Judith C. Ware
July 2008
Judy C. Ware

         Original letter on file at the Rutherford B. Hayes Library in Fremont, Ohio


                                                          Washington City
                                                                April 2, 1838

Dear Colonel,
     Two days past I had the pleasure to receive your letter of the 20 March.  It found me, as I still am, confined to my room by a most distressing cold and headache.  The horse you describe must, indeed, be a magnificent animal to command the sum you have been offered, but as the difficulty of matching him will be next to impossible, I think you should not hesitate to dispose of him on terms so advantageous.  I beg you, my dear Sir, not to suffer your friendship for me, to subject you, not only to trouble, but actual loss.  Two shades difference in the color of horses is too great, although a slight difference is not perceptible when in harness.  So soon as I am able to get out, I will procure the speeches you mention and transmit them to you.  My old friend, McKim, died on yesterday.  There is considerable sickness among the members (of congress).

                                                      Your Friend Sincerely,

                                                                       William R. King

Col. J.W. Ware

The friend who died was Senator Isaac McKim.  According to public records, he passed away on April 1, 1838.

During the time frame of this letter, William R. King was serving as the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

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