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Part 12 of Ware Connection to Grace Episcopal Church

Final Thoughts and References

Photo by James and Judy Ware

Grace Episcopal Church still stands like a sentinal over the city of Berryville.  There is an active congregation that continues to grow and thrive under its’ beautiful steeple.  Breathtaking stained glass windows hold up against the winter winds and continue to let God’s light shine through in all its’  blazing glory.

Photos courtesy of James and Judy Ware


Even in the still of night, there is a glow in the windows that beckons strangers to come in.

Photo by James and Judy Ware 1986


Items used in the devotional services continue to be handled with care and preserved for future generations.

Given in memory of Lydia Knowslar Stribling - the wife of Edward McCormick Stribling. They were married January 11, 1883. She was born May 22, 1856 and died on December 4, 1927


1998 - The beautiful wooden pews, polished by years of devoted Christians, stand ready for use at all times.

Grace Church is so much more than just a building.  It is a storehouse of history, a repository of people’s joys and sorrows throughout many generations, and a sacred place where the past meets the present and confidently awaits the future.  If you sit quietly on the bench in front of the church, you can almost hear the breeze as it whispers softly -


                                       - - -    remember    

                                                     --- remember   


“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts

with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!”

Psalm 100:4





The Ware Family Bible – This is kept in my home and has dates and names recorded in it that go all the way back to the 1700’s.

2.. Original long letter of Cornelia Ware Anker (1945)  - a goldmine of first-hand intimate family facts & remembrances. Original owned by James and Judy Ware. 

3.  Second letter of Cornelia Ware Anker (1948) entitled  THE WARE FAMILY IN CLARKE COUNTY Original owned by James and Judy Ware.

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171.  Pay receipt for Charles Alexander Ware (1865) with some notations from him.  Original owned by James and Judy Ware.

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Additional information provided by: Council Journal, Diocese of West Virginia, Volumes 1-8 



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