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President Tyler’s visit to Springfield –
Home of Josiah Ware

Researched & written by Judy C. Ware
Judy C. Ware March 2009

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Pen & Ink painting of Springfield owned by James & Judy Ware

Josiah Ware inherited the land that Springfield Plantation was built on from his mother, Elizabeth Taliaferro Snickers Alexander Ware.  He started construction of his beautiful home shortly before his marriage to Frances Toy Glassell in 1827.  According to his son (Rev. Josiah W. Ware), Springfield “was imposing in appearance; lumber was seasoned for three years before being used.” (ref. 81) It truly was a showcase and was often called “one of the most beautiful of the valley houses.” (ref.110, 195)

Josiah was active in community and national politics from an early age.  He corresponded with many of the notable “powerhouse” figures of his day including Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Governor Henry Wise, John C. Calhoun, and several presidents.  His cousin, Lucy Ware Webb Hayes, was the wife of Rutherford B. Hayes and he not only visited with them in the White House, but they came to stay with him at Springfield as well.  One of Josiah’s granddaughters wrote that “the Berryville Band, ensconced on the balcony, played lustily when President Rutherford B. Hayes was a guest there. (ref. #3)

Another President who visited Springfield was John Tyler.  In his memoirs, Rev. Josiah W. Ware (son of Josiah) wrote that “when President Tyler was a guest at Springfield, he was taken into the dining room where the decanters and the wine glasses were on the sideboard.  The “saddle of mutton” was brought in, and he was more enthusiastic over it that the refreshments.” (ref. #84)

Springfield saw a great many famous people pass through her doors, and the entire land is steeped in history.  It must have broken Josiah’s heart when he was forced to see the lovely home at the end of the war.


Second letter of Cornelia Ware Anker (1948) entitled THE WARE FAMILY IN CLARKE COUNTY

WARE ANCESTORS  by: Frank Fremont ReedChicago 1987, Given to me by Martha Ware in 1998  Book 8, Chapter 1, Includes the MEMOIRS OF Rev. Josiah William Ware, Jr.

Memoirs of Rev. Josiah William Ware, Jr. – Born Nov. 23, 1853.  Seems to be the same reference as #81, but there appears to be some additional information.

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