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There are many people I would like to thank for their kind help in bringing this literary project to fruition.  I know I can’t possibly mention every single name individually, but the following people deserve an extra “bless you” from the bottom of my heart.  My deepest gratitude goes to:

The Reverend Canon Dwight L. Brown, Rector of Grace Episcopal Church – A chance meeting 25 years ago has blossomed into a friendship that I treasure.  This wonderful man has allowed me to interrupt his schedule on a moment’s notice when my husband and I have come to town; always gracious and welcoming.  Allowing me access to the sanctuary and permission to take the photographs that mean so much to the family history, he was the inspiration behind my first thought to document the dedications on some of the stained glass windows.  When the miles between Oklahoma and Virginia have prohibited me from checking on something in person, he has literally been “my eyes and legs” - digging through shrubbery and scoping out tombstones in the cemetery for me.  He even went so far as to locate a photographer who could take the pictures I needed and have them emailed to me.  My gratitude knows no bounds and I look forward to many more visits in the future while I continue my research in Berryville.

Lee McGuigan of Berryville, Virginia – When I looked up a few weeks ago and realized that I had failed to locate and photograph the graves of Lucy Balmain Ware Lewis and her children, Lee McGuigan was the angel Rev. Brown contacted to come save the day.  Without ever having met me, this kind and generous lady went to the church, took the professional quality photographs of those tombstones you see in the section on Lucy, scanned them, and made sure I got them.  What a blessing!  Lee, I will always be indebted to you for your thoughtfulness and I hope to, one day, get the chance to thank you in person.

The Clarke County Historical Association and specifically, Mary Morris – My relationship with Mary also goes back to 1986 when I first discovered the treasures being held by the Clarke County Historical Association and lovingly safeguarded by this dedicated lady.  It has been a delight to watch the facility used to store priceless family and community records grow from a lowly 20 by 40 vault located in the old courthouse to the beautiful, modern structure that now offers research tools for genealogists from all over.           

Martha Ware from Arlington, Virginia – Martha gave me a wonderful packet of family history with contributions by Monty Reed and Hal Ware many years ago.  It opened the door to so many new discoveries and family facts that enabled me to expand on this project.  Her personal family history pertaining to the line of Robert Macky Ware and Caroline Waughop has been hugely important to this piece.

Jane Dudgeon of Ashburn, Virginia – Jane, a descendant of Rev. Josiah William Ware and Anne Nottingham Ware, provided wonderful insights and clues to the life of Josiah, Jr., that I had not known before.  With the information she so kindly shared, I was able to research and find much data on this family member who had previously been somewhat illusive for me.   

John Reagan – What more can I say of John!?  So much of what I have been able to share with other researchers on line would never have been possible without his willingness and generosity in setting up my website.  With the patience of a saint, John has, for years, put up with my lack of technical ability and has posted my work in a way that always looks fabulous.  In addition to my own personal site, John has made family information accessible to all Ware researchers through his Goddard/Reagan website.  It was with John’s kind permission that many of the photos in this piece were used.  John, you are a blessing to us all.

Elizabeth and James Ware – Although both of my wonderful in-laws have already passed away, I want to publicly thank them for entrusting to me the family documents and letters that it has been my privilege to safeguard over the years and preserve for future generations.  It is my honor and joy to be able to share these treasures with other family researchers, as I know my in-laws would have wanted.  It is my constant hope I have made them proud.     

James Ware – Last, but certainly not least, my sweet husband who has allowed me to pursue my passion for genealogy with zealous compulsion.  Not too many men would consider traipsing through, yet another, old cemetery a romantic getaway.  For 40 years, he has been my traveling companion through all of life and my safe harbor in the storm.

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