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Letter From Senator William R. King To Josiah Ware

Transcribed & researched by Judith C. Ware, July 2008

Judy C. Ware


Original copy owned by Jane and Scott Dudgeon

                                                                             Washington City

                                                                                   April 1, 1842

Dear Colonel,

I must beg your pardon for having neglected to answer your friendly letter at an earlier day.  Permit me to assure you, that your known character for honor and benevolence rendered it entirely unnecessary for you to repel any of the miserable attempts of letter writers or others to affect your standing as a gentleman.  And least of all was it necessary to vindicate yourself to Mr. Buchanan or myself, who from long and intimate acquaintances feel proud to call ourselves your friends.  The base wretches who have assailed you are incapable of appreciating the laudable conduct of a virtuous man who would snatch from destruction an unfortunate and defenseless female.  I hope Mrs. Ware has recovered her health.  Present to her my best respects.  As to the small sum I loaned you, I beg you not to put yourself to any inconvenience with regard to it.  I write with difficulty from rheumatism. 


                                                                        Your friend sincerely, 

                                                                              William R. King 

Col.  J.W. Ware


During the time frame (1842) of this letter, William R. King would have been serving as a United States Senator from the state of Alabama.  He would have been 56 years old and Josiah would have been 42.  From the contents of the letter, it is obvious that the two had known each other for quite a few years, and there is another letter written to Josiah from King that is dated 1838.

In the above (and below) correspondence, there is mention of Josiah coming to the rescue of an unnamed lady.  Two months prior to this (in February) Josiah received a letter from the mother of a young lady - thanking him profusely for his assistance in helping her daughter.  The mother’s name was Margaret Bryan, and I would assume that this is the situation that is referred to in the letter.  There is a transcribed copy of Margaret’s original letter available for reading as well.


***I would like to thank Jane and Scott Dudgeon for allowing me to copy & transcribe this letter for my historical research.  I am deeply grateful.

Placement of family photographs and visual graphics accompanying this piece are the fine work of John Reagan who has been an invaluable help in setting up a website for me entitled Ware Genealogy at I will forever be grateful for his expertise and kindness.

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