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This project would never have seen fruition without the tremendous help of so many people along the way.  I know there is not room enough in all of the world to mention every single person, but I would like to draw attention to a few special folks who “went the extra mile” for me.  My deepest thanks go to: 

Debbie McArdle    for being one of the most professional and dedicated researchers I know.  The wife of James Talbot McArdle, of Crystal Lake, Illinois, Debbie has been the “fount of all knowledge” when it came to Thompson Ware and his family.  Her generosity in sharing crucial family information has been invaluable to this work.  Moreover, I am deeply beholden to Debbie for the countless hours of editing work she has so generously offered and the much appreciated encouragement she has provided for me along this journey.  Her expertise, fine attention to detail, and dedication to accuracy make her a genealogist’s dream come true. 

Maunsel White    for being the “go to” person concerning information about Catherine Ware Scott.  Maunsel and Albert Bruns, his cousin, have provided so many wonderful portraits and artwork for this book, along with family records and in-depth historical documentation.   The details they provided about Catherine helped me to fully understand this remarkable lady.  

Vicki Ware Cheesman    for being the “Sherlock Holmes” of Ware history.  Her tenacious research and ability to unearth details that others have simply overlooked is unparalleled.   Once Vicki discovers a clue, there is no stopping her until the mystery is solved.  Not only has Vicki lovingly provided a website for all Ware researchers at, but she has been a constant source of encouragement and help for me. 

Becky Hill and Nan Card at the Rutherford B. Hayes Memorial Library – they both offered so much help and encouragement.  It is an unbelievable joy to do research in this wonderful facility.

John Reagan – who fulfilled my heart’s desire to make my work accessible to others by setting up a website for me entitled Ware Genealogy at  John has put up with my complete lack of techno knowledge with such grace and kindness, and he has the patience of a saint.  I owe him a debt of gratitude I can never repay.

Sandra Walker - for providing so much insightful information on Polly Ware Webb.  Not only did Sandra share incredible portraits and photographs, she allowed me to use some of the oral history that has lovingly been preserved and passed down through her family.  Her contributions helped make Polly “come alive” and filled in so many gaps I had on this branch of the family.

Marti Martin – Woodford County Historical Society Board Member and Researcher.  Marti tirelessly tracked down information for me concerning all the Wares in Kentucky, but particularly James I and James II.  With a generous spirit, she went out of her way to locate documents I did not have access to.  She literally became my “eyes and feet” when I needed something long distance, and the amount of time she donated to this biography makes her an honorary “Ware” in my book!

The Kentucky Historical Society – all the wonderful folks in the genealogy section who were so willing to drop everything and come to the aid of a researcher.  They are the best.

All the delightful staff at the Hopewell Museum of Historic Paris/Bourbon County who gave so much of their time and efforts.

Tom Moore of Bourbon County – who so generously took time out of his busy schedule to take us in person to the Webb/Ware Cemetery.  We would still be hunting for that site if it were not for him!

The late John Woods - for providing a wonderful site for family researchers to post their information.  Many of the portraitures used in this book were available because of John’s generosity.  

Joe Ware, Martha Ware, and Wayne Ware – for being the best set of cheerleaders anyone could ask for.  Their faith in me has kept me inspired to forge ahead, and their kind words of support and praise have meant the world to me.  It is an honor to share the Ware name with them.

Karin Rice – who kindly provided the information and chart from the Dower & Division of Land records for James Conn.  Her information added much to the history.

Scott and Jane Dudgeon – for kindly sharing old family documents that helped shed tremendous light on areas of the Ware genealogy that had previously been clouded in mystery.

David Nance – for providing such helpful information about the Forks of Elkhorn Church.

The Kentucky Historical Society – for giving me permission to use photographs on file that greatly enhanced this work.   

My son, David Ware, who patiently sat through hours of listening about dead relatives (“graveology,” as he loves to call it) and always made me feel like he was actually interested.  His support and pride in my work makes it so special for me.

And, last, but certainly not least, my beloved husband, Jim Ware.  What would I do without him?  He has been the conduit through which all of this became possible.  His willingness to spend vacations roaming around cemeteries and in local libraries makes him a candidate for sainthood right out of the chute.  His unfailing support in whatever task I undertake is a gift beyond measure.  When I have become obsessed with the latest chapter or transcription, he has willingly (without ever a word of complaint), taken over the cooking and cleaning, or whatever else I have let go unattended in my fever pitch of creativity.  His insights are impeccable, his knowledge limitless, and his attention to detail a source of constant inspiration for me.  He is my breath, my life, and the reason why this book came to be.      





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