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Children of James Ware I and Their Families
Researched and written by Judith Cumbea Ware
July 2009

A1   Children of:
Capt. John B. Ware       and                    Ann Harrison
B. December 12, 1736            1756                             B. circa 1738
D. June 17, 1816                                                          D. 1820

1. Lt. James B. Ware              +                                Elizabeth Miller                           
   B. December 27, 1756      September 22, 1786       B. 1764  
   D. 1818                                                                    D. 1835


2. Andrew  Ware                  +                                     died single                    
    B.    May 24, 1758                                                   B.
    D.                                                                            D.


3.  Col. William Ware                +                            Susanna Harrison
     B. May 13, 1760         January 19, 1785                 B. June 22, 1768
     D. January 16, 1828                                                D. January 29, 1786

                                                  Also                Susannah Payne (Suzan)
October 17, 1789                 
B. circa 1768
D. circa 1828

4.  John Ware                             +                            Margarett Lady             
     B. June 10, 1762      September 6, 1780                 B.
     D.    lost at sea                                                       D.


5. Elizabeth “Betty” Ware               +                        James Poindexter
     B.May 27, 1764              February 2, 1806              B.
     D.                                                                           D.


6. Mildred  “Milly” Ware                             +             single                  
     B. September 27, 1766
     D. 1829


7. Jane “Jenney” Harrison Ware                  +             John Mosby  
     B. December 14, 1768               April 11, 1799       B. January 14, 1765
     D. 1811                                                                   D. 1811              


8. AnneNancy” Ware                      +                           Richard Wyatt
     B. June 30, 1771               December 8, 1796           B. January 1, 1763
     D. April 17, 1838                                                     D. January 12, 1845


9.  Mary “Molly” Ware              +                                 George McLain
     B. 1772                                                                    
     D.                                                                              D.

John was the oldest son of James Ware I and his wife Agnes Todd Ware.   John and Ann Harrison were married at St. James Northram in Goochland County, Virginia.  Ann (Hannah) was the daughter of Andrew & Sarah Harrison (cousin of William Henry Harrison.)  She was born about 1738 and died between 1812 and 1817.  These are the siblings of Ann Harrison:

William Harrison + Ann Payne  married 12-26-1763. 

** It was the daughter of William & Ann Payne Harrison (named Susannah) who married William Ware – her cousin.   

Thomas Harrison + Mary Kennon

Elizabeth Harrison + John Teague & William Kennon

Ninian Harrison (bothers were mentioned as his trustees until “such time as he could manage properly”, but there are no details about what happened to cause his apparent handicap) (ref.#831)

Milly Harrison + William Moore

Molly Harrison + Robert Burton

Jane Harrison 

Andrew Harrison + Nancy Williamson and Mary Richardson

     According to military & DAR records, John Ware did patriotic service; given the rank of “a captain in a Virginia unit.” (ref. 629 & 692)    In 1816, he was officially named Patriot. (ref. 894)  John “ran a line of merchant ships from England to Ware’s Neck.”  According to family records, “he held extensive lands that he carefully designated in his will of February 24, 1816.  There were nine known children, all of them born in Goochland County.” (ref.#894)   He seemed to be a very meticulous man because his Last Will & Testament took care of many details and gave insights into his thinking.  He mentioned that he wanted his grandsons to “get $100.00 instead of slaves; not wishing to divide or separate parents and children.” (ref. 894)  It also gives us a feel for how large his land holdings were because in just one section, it states that he wanted one of his children (William) to have “the tract on Dan River near where he now lives, which was sitting on 613 acres.” (ref.894)  Even as far back as 1786, “extensive holdings speak of John Ware’s line, by his Tavern, crossing the main road.” (ref.894)  John named one of the executors of his will as James Ware, his son.  He left James distinct instructions that “the extra lands be rented and the mill on Whittle Creek be completed.” (ref.894)   Although his father (James Ware I) later relocated to Kentucky, it is believed that John Ware never moved  from his beloved Virginia.

(1)  Lt. James Ware was born on December 27, 1756 and was probably named after his grandfather, James.  He was baptized on April 8, 1757.  He married Elizabeth Miller, daughter of John Miller of Prince Edward County, on September 22, 1786.  

(2)  Andrew Ware was born on May 14, 1758.  He was baptized on June 25, 1758, but outside of that, we only know that he died single.   It is possible he may have even died as a child. 

(3)  Col. William Ware was born in 1760.  He served as both a Captain and a Colonel in the Revolutionary War.  William married twice.  His first wife was his cousin Susanna Harrison (she was the daughter of his mother’s brother William.)  They married on January 19th in 1785, and they had a daughter they also named Susanna Ware - (she later married William Harrison.)  William Ware’s first wife, Susanna Harrison Ware, died in 1786 in childbirth. (ref. 844)   There is a very poignant deathbed statement that she made right before she died. His second wife was not only another first cousin again, but was ALSO named Susannah.  She was the daughter of Robert Payne and his wife Ann Burton Payne who lived in a home called “The Cascades” on the Dan River. (ref.894B)

     Basically. . .  Josias and Anne Fleming Payne had these 3 children - John, Anna, and Robert - - all Paynes.  John married Mary Coles & had a daughter named Dolley Payne (Todd) Madison.  Anna married William Harrison (brother of John Ware’s wife, Ann Harrison) & they had a daughter named Susannah Harrison who married William Ware (son of John & Ann Ware.)  Robert married Ann Burton & they had a daughter also named Susannah and she also married William Ware after her cousin (Susannah Harrison Ware) died.  Dolley and the 2 Susannahs were all cousins and also cousins with Patrick Henry.

     William and his first wife (Susannah Harrison) had only one daughter - Susannah Harrison Ware; named after her mother who died in childbirth.  She later “married William Harrison Jr., son of William Payne Harrison and Salley Hall; grandson of Col. William Harrison and Anna Payne.  Anna was the daughter of Josias Payne and Anna Fleming Payne, and sister of both Robert (who wed Ann Burton) Payne and also John (who wed Mary Coles) Payne.  John and Mary Coles Payne were the parents of Dolley Payne Madison, wife of President James Madison.” (ref 881)

     According to a Short Biography of William Ware written by Vicki Cheesman in 2009, the children of William and his second wife (Susannah Payne Ware) were (1) Ann “Nancy” Payne Ware who was born on August 20, 1792, married (first) James Richardson and (second) Stephen Sergeant (she died on November 29, 1872 on a train heading to visit her son Edmond in Mississippi), (2) Susan Elizabeth “Eliza” Ware (born 1793) who married Henry Sargeant in 1810, (3) Agnes Ware (born 1795) who married (first) William Dupry and (second) John Briscoe, (4) John Ware II (born 1797) who married Betty Saunders, (5) Robert Payne Ware who was born December 1, 1801 and married Martha Sanders.  He died in Kentucky, (6) William Ware Jr., (born 1805) who married Alphea Clark, and possibly (7) Samuel Ware who married Nora Johnson. (ref. 844)

** John Ware (number 4) and his wife Betty “gave land for a Methodist church in 1832 that was “on the north side of the public road below Bachelor’s Hall in Pittsylvania County, and they named Henry Sergeant and William Dupuy as trustees of the church.”  (ref. 898)

** Anne Payne Ware & 1st husband James Richardson had a son James who married Susan Estes and they had a son named Triplett Estes Richardson.

Anne Payne Ware & 2nd husband Stephen Sargeant had daughter named Margarett Delphia.  She married James Lea and their daughter Talluah married Triplett Estes Richardson. (ref. 889) 

(4)   John Ware was born on June 10, 1768, and he was baptized a month later on July 18, 1762.  On September 6, 1780, he was married to Margarett Lady.  All that is really known about him at this time is that he died at sea.  With the strong family history of military service, his death very probably was related to the War.  

(5)  Elizabeth Ware was born on May 27, 1764.  She was known as Betty and she was baptized on June 24, 1764.  She later married James Poindexter on February 2, 1806 

(6)  Mildred Ware was born on September 27, 1766 and was baptized on November 2, 1766.   She was known as Millie, and as far as we know, she died unmarried in 1829. 

(7)  Jane “Jenney” Harrison Ware was born on December 14, 1768.  She married John Mosby on April 11, 1799.  They had the following children: Ann Harrison Mosby, John Ware Mosby, Sarah Ann Haskins Mosby, and Alfred Daniel Mosby.  She and John became the grandparents of the famous Col. John Singleton Mosby of the Confederate Army; thus making James and Agnes the great, great grandparents of this legendary leader of Mosby’s Rangers. (ref.114, 784)

(8) Anne Ware was born on June 30, 1771 and she was baptized on September 22, 1771.  (ref. 5,621,651,372)   Anne went by several nicknames – Annie and Nancy being her favorite.  She married Richard Wyatt on December 8, 1796.  Nancy had several children, but she passed away on April 17, 1838. 

(9) Mary Ware was known as Molly and she was born in 1772.  Little is known of her except that she married George McLain.


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